Legitimate Trophies

All trophies in this category are earned through legitimate gameplay without the use of hacks, third-party software, or modified save files. Achieving trophies legitimately is a safe way to advance your position on unofficial online leaderboards like PSNProfiles and PSN Trophy Leaders. If necessary, we can upload the save file created during the service to online storage, provided you have an active PS Plus subscription. Please inform us if this is required before the service is completed, as accounts are usually removed from our consoles immediately after trophy synchronisation. However, we do not guarantee save file compatibility between our game version and yours.

Regions Explained

For most games, trophies are shared across all regions, which we refer to as the global region. However, there is a growing number of games with regional "stacking" trophies, meaning the game has a separate trophy set in certain regions. In most cases, if a game has stacking trophies from different regions, we offer trophies from each available region. Purchasing trophies for a cheap stackable platinum from multiple regions is an efficient way to level up quickly. Australian games rarely have separate trophy sets; they generally fall under the "EU" list.

DLC Trophies

By default, our legitimate services do not include DLC trophies. If we offer a service for DLC trophies, you'll find an 'Add DLC' button on the product page. Please refer to the DLC Pack Contents box below the product description for an explanation of which DLC packs are covered within the purchase. DLC Trophies cannot be purchased separately from the base game through the site. However, we may still be able to provide them as a custom order, so feel free to email us or use the quick enquiry form at the bottom of the page for further information.