Custom Trophy Timestamps

This option is available should you wish to provide your own trophy timestamps. After selecting this as an optional extra on cheated services, we will send you an editable file to choose your own timestamps.

How To Edit The Trophy File

We will send you a spreadsheet via Google, which contains the name of every trophy from your chosen game. The spreadsheet is a template for our trophy software, so it is very important that nothing is edited, other than the dates & times of the trophies you require in column B. If you already have some trophies unlocked, or only wish to sync certain trophies, simply ignore the rows of the trophies you do not require. This is all done on Google Sheets, so you do not require any extra software on your computer.

You must not:

  • Edit the template structure
  • Change font type or text colour
  • Add/delete rows or columns
  • Edit trophy names
  • Change the date/time format

Here is an example of how the spreadsheet should look for a partial trophy sync of just four trophies from the game Super Meat Boy:

Once you have finished editing the spreadsheet, please simply close it down, then email to inform us that the trophies are ready to be synchronised to your account. We will then collect the file from Google Sheets.

Important Notes & Tips

  • The Platinum trophy unlock time should always be set +1 second after your final trophy from the base game on PS3 games.
  • The Platinum trophy unlock time should always be set +0 seconds after your final trophy from the base game on PS Vita games.
  • Be mindful of trophies which are subject to server shutdown. It is best practise to backdate these trophies before the shutdown.
  • When the trophies are synced, the hour may differ slightly depending on timezones and daylight saving time. The minutes and seconds will always be exactly as input.
  • Newly synced trophies always appear at the top of your trophy list, even if you set old dates, therefore it is best practise to use current dates where possible.