“At Platinum Game Services, we aren’t the Jack-of-all-Games; we’re the Master of them all!” 

Looking to unlock ‘Mein Leben’ from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus? We can do it for you. Want to score the Platinum for the latest release but just don’t have the time? We do have the time. Has someone challenged you, and you need a little trophy boost? We’ve got it for you. We’re a company dedicated to gaming and have your back when it comes to all your Trophy Level or GamerScore needs. 

We are a team of highly skilled lifelong, and dedicated professional gamers and trophy hunters who are at your disposal to achieve anything you may need on your PS3, PS4, PS5, or PS Vita, as well as your Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.  We increase your Platinum count while you’re at work or boost your GamerScore while you’re on a date; just live your life and watch your Tag rise through the leaderboards; you don’t even need to own the games you order! 

We offer an unparalleled selection of the hardest games for all consoles of any Trophy / Achievement Hunting Services available today, and while our focus is primarily on legitimately earned trophies, we do offer a PSN Trophy Unlocker Service for the PS3 and Vita (with unique and correctly ordered timestamps for authenticity).  Our specialised gamers ensure your purchases are completed with speed and efficiency, and unlike many similar services available, we pride ourselves on winning trophies and achievements legitimately as the developers intended them to be. When you place your order with us, it is assigned to one of our specialists, who you can contact directly whenever you need to.  

Our Promises to You: 

We take pride in delivering a convenient and stress-free confidential service to all our clients, and we are dedicated to achieving the following:

  • Every game you order is handled by a specialist in that specific genre (FPS, RPG, etc.), ensuring the highest quality service.

  • We aim to provide you with a disruption-free gaming experience throughout the service, earning your trophies/achievements offline whenever possible.

  • You can communicate directly with our friendly staff managing your games using our dedicated in-site messaging service at any time.

  • Your personal details, required for PGS services, will always be kept secure and protected.

  • We commit to expanding our services to continually lead the market with each new release."

Our History:

When in 2005, Xbox launched its Gamerscore achievements for Xbox 360, it brought with it an entirely new way to look at gaming. It only took a few years for PlayStation to catch up and arguably overtake with its trophy levelling system first released in 2008, which began the formation of Platinum Game Services. Officially established in 2016 as a direct response to the growing popularity of this latest gaming addition, PGS became the forerunner in PlayStation trophy and Xbox Gamerscore Services, where we remain to this day.